Taking care of your swimwear is really simple and easy !

Being crafted with high quality standards, we expect our products to last for many seasons. However it is very important to take good care of them, following some important recommendations:

- Hand wash after wearing, even if you don’t swim. Body oils, lotions, sunscreens, chlorine and salt water, are elements that soak into the fabric and can damage its color, fastness, stretch and recovery.

- Always wash your swimsuit by itself, never mix lights and darks when rinsing or washing.

- Use cold water and a small amount of mild soap meant for delicate garments.

- Let the swimsuit soak for 5 to 10 minutes, then gently massage with hands to work out the elements from the fabric.

Rinse well to remove soap and gently squeeze out excess water. Don’t wring or twist, let it dry on a clean flat surface placed in the shade.

- To prevent mildew make sure your swimwear is completely dry before storing.

- If you need to pack a damp or wet suit while traveling be sure to fold the swimsuit gently into a plastic bag with a few holes and loosely wrap the bag with a towel to absorb extra moisture. To avoid any color transfer be sure to pack one swimsuit per plastic bag.

- To maintain the shape of your swimwear, be sure to lay it flat in a drawer

Remember also, that you should avoid:

- Using chlorine to wash your swimwear.

- Washing your swimwear in the washing machine.

- Using the tumble dryer to dry your swimwear.

- Using certain sunscreen lotions and self-tanners that will permanently stain fabrics.

 - Sitting and laying in certain rough surfaces – wooden benches, concrete or other uneven and rough surfaces that can snag fabrics. Always sit or lie on a good quality towel.

- Wearing your swimwear in hot tubs. Their high levels of heat and chlorine will deteriorate your swimwear fibers.

By following these simple steps, you will keep your swimwear beautiful for many years!